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How Did MultiTouch Fiction Become a New Genre of Literature?

Four key technology-driven developments are responsible for the massive paradigm shift disrupting the publishing industry today:

  • Mass-acceptance of e-readers
  • Explosive growth of self-publishing in the e-book format
  • Mass-adoption of advanced, feature-rich tablet devices
  • User-friendly authoring/publishing app with multimedia integration

This is an interesting list to reflect on. It seems hard to believe that serious observers once thought e-books would never catch on, that self-publishing wasn’t legitimate and the only way you would ever get your hands on a tablet computer was if you joined Starfleet. Being wrong is one thing; being spectacularly wrong when you’re supposed to know what you’re talking about…well, that’s something else entirely, isn’t it?

Apple’s release of the iPad was the third development and a technology milestone that essentially created the tablet marketspace. Now the defacto tablet standard with sales of over two hundred million units, the iPad is effectively the ‘only game in town’ for developers when it comes to an advanced mobile computing device capable of displaying content-rich multimedia apps in a large-screen format. Apple’s release of iBooks Author is the fourth development; one that is also accelerating the other three. iBooks Author was created so that authors could take books and ebooks beyond words and static illustrations by creating new titles – multimedia book ‘apps’ – specifically for the iPad. iBooks Author is a revolutionary product transforming genres one by one. Textbooks and Non-Fiction were the first to be re-imagined and re-invented, both to critical acclaim and widespread consumer appeal. iBooks Author has now given the concept of ‘enhanced interactive fiction’ the definition and scope it so badly needed, establishing the legitimacy of the new genre once and for all. We call this new genre MultiTouch Fiction.

Those ‘serious observers’ who dismissed e-books and tablets went apoplectic when ‘enhanced interactive fiction’ was first proposed. Integrating multimedia into a literary work of art? That was a violation of the first order and would be “as if someone had crayoned Donald Duck into the Last Supper.” The only thing this crowd wanted to draw was a line in the sand. Comically, they were wrong-headed here as well.

For the simple truth is that we live in a society dominated by visual entertainment, where opinion has never varied when it comes to the fulfillment readers experience from a favorite book of fiction. That is where literature has always derived its power. Given the entertainment preferences of consumers today, it seems inevitable that MultiTouch Fiction will have widespread appeal and become a preferred reading experience for millions. After all, how can you give over two hundred million iPad owners a new and completely unique reading experience, combining their favorite forms of entertainment with the most fullfilling, and expect anything less?

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An Invitation to Writers and Artists Everywhere

The most fundamental human desire of all is to understand our relationship to the universe. The more we investigate this mystery, the further the mystery deepens: we can never know why the mystery is there in the first place. The only certainty is that the desire to understand becomes stronger than ever. Art is the purest expression of that desire; and that desire is the sole reason Art exists. We find no example of a culture without Art. Throughout the centuries, Art has gone through one transformation after another, across all peoples and all cultures, expressed in divergent ways too numerous to count. Art is humanity’s whisper to the universe requesting clarification. It is an ancient request. This is why we take Art so seriously. This is why we create new Art.

Art has always been about the How, not the What. When great writers and artists bring their aesthetic sensibilities to MultiTouch Fiction, great works of Art will emerge. To believe otherwise is to deny history. To believe otherwise is to deny your own possibilities.

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What is MultiTouch Fiction?

Stated simply, MultiTouch Fiction integrates multimedia content within the storyline and structure of a novel, novella or short story for the purpose of giving the reader a more expansive experience of the fictional world the author has imagined.

One popular, long-standing genre of storytelling that requires the integration of different media types serves as example. A children’s picture book combines short-form text and illustrations to create a synergy in which each element contributes it’s own ‘language’ and each element supports the other in the storytelling. In an ideal picture book, the sum is literally greater than the parts.

In MultiTouch Fiction, a deep synergy is created by integrating into the text various multimedia elements including illustrations, interactive galleries, animations, live-action video, audio and music and customized ‘mini-apps’ called Widgets. These elements of MultiTouch Fiction are innovations in storytelling, providing a palette of tools that allow the author to express a story in entirely new ways. Interactive Widgets, for instance, can contribute to a story in ways limited only by the author’s imagination. Widgets can include games and puzzles with challenges relating to the storyline but can also go much further. A MultiTouch Mystery, for example, might include a social networking widget customized to give readers around the world the ability to collaborate in groups. This immediacy can take the reader to new levels of engagement and allow an author to create a multi-structure plot line based on reader involvement. This is just one possibility; and in MultiTouch Fiction, the possibilities are endless.

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Mission Statement will present information, discussion, analyses and news concerning MultiTouch Fiction, a revolutionary new genre of literature that will accelerate the massive paradigm shift currently disrupting the publishing industry. will be a resource for writers, artists, as well as multimedia-content creatives exploring the potential of MultiTouch Fiction in their own work. will be a resource for analysts following  the latest news and developments in the publishing industry as they pertain to MultiTouch Fiction.

Lastly, will be a resource for the general public by providing in-depth, critical analyses of new MultiTouch Fiction titles.

It shall be the policy of never to promote or endorse the purchase of any product or service. Whenever a product or service is mentioned, it shall be for informational purposes only as they may relate to MultiTouch Fiction, the MultiTouch Fiction genre or the MultiTouch Fiction developments in the market. There is not now, or ever will be, a single reference to the MultiTouch Fiction work of the creator of this site. It’s all straight commentary: no ads, no selling, no BS.

Disclosure is wholly responsible for the views expressed herein. Apple’s iBooks Author and iPad products play the predominant role in shaping the MultiTouch Fiction marketspace and are mentioned in many of the discussions. No one at owns stock in Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) or has ever been employed at Apple, Inc.

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